Monday, April 14, 2008

A schit close to Ciolanu

After we left the monastry we found close by a number of fields that were shared by the cows from the monastry and some hundreds of sculptures, made over a number of years by sculptors who have come to the region each summer to draw inspiration from the pure air and wonderful nature in this isolated part of Romania.

However, for us the highlight of our stop was to discover that if you have the strength and perseverence to climb for 30 minutes up a not a not too steep hill and through a wonderful forest you find on the crest of the hill and standing in splendid isolation an Orthodox schit (mini monastry).

The schit is run by two resident nuns, one a mere 62 years and the other a slightly more matronly 81 years. Again, the church (for now there is only one but construction of the second is well advanced-honestly! If you don't believe, climb the hill and see for yourself. You will not regret the climb!). The place is totally inaccessible except by four wheel drive vehicles. An ancient Romanian 4x4 stood nearby the church, we resisted asking which of the nuns usually did the driving!

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