Thursday, April 24, 2008

Martin and Claire in Sofia

Last weekend Martin and Claire were able to travel to Sofia for the monthly service at our sister chaplaincy there using our new chaplaincy car. The car ran beautifully, although unfortunately it does not have an automatic pilot and so getting out of Bucharest and getting into Sofia proved to be quite a challenge! However, all was well that ended well and on Sunday there was a very encouraging congregation at the morning service, followed by friendship and fellowship before the return journey to Bucharest.

Claire took her camera with her, and here are someof the photos that she took, as well as her description:

" Hello, I didn't take very many photo's I'm afraid... but hopefully next time will present more opportunities. There is one of the Vitosha Mountain from Sharon's house - the lady we stayed with - (it was late so its a bit dark), one of the front of the chapel that we use (it is actually a catholic chapel), one of Dad talking to the organist, and then after the service in the coffee room where dad is talking to the ambassador and his wife (Steve and Fiona) with Gino and the mining engineer Chris (the woman Gino is talking to) in the background.

I really wish I had managed to take some photo's of Sharon's beautiful house and her lovely dog Honeybelle, and of the short walk we went on past Roman ruins and extraordinary churches/cathedrals and of the restaurant we went to. C'est la vie! Next time...Best wishes Claire."

It all sounds great Claire, we're waiting to see the photos-watch this blog!

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