Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Bedingfield's return to England

Last Sunday we said a sad farewell to two of our regular church members, John and Helen Bedingfield. John and Helen have been living in Bucharest for more than one and a half years, while John has been working as an EU resident advisor in the Ministry of Public Finance. Now that his contract is coming to an end they are returning to England.

We wish them well, although we will miss them greatly. Visit us whenever you are able to please, John and Helen!

Mothering Sunday at the Church of the Resurrection

Last Sunday was Mothering Sunday, and during the service all of the ladies in the congregation received daffodils from the children, at the same time as we shared the Peace.

We held our usual service of Holy Communion and at the end of the service the children shared with us their stories of the day-during Lent they are thinking particularly about prayer and its place in their lives.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fund Raising Concert

On Saturday 17th March we were privileged to be invited to the Residence of H.M. Ambassador Robin Barnett for a fund raising concert. Visitng musicians Nicolas Koeckert and Kristina Miller entertained us by playing two sonatos for violin and piano.

After the music we were invited to stay for a buffet meal of traditional Romanian food that was truly delicious. It was a wonderful evening, enjoyed by everyone who attended. It also raised a significant sum of money to offset the costs of maintaining our church-almost 2000 euros.

Enormous thanks to H.M.Ambassador as well as to Nicolas and Kristina for sharing their talents and to our dear friend Dieter Stanzeleit, whose inspiration the evening was.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Our Sunday School

Each week, as part of their worship, younger members of our church have their own private time. At present, they are thinking about the significance of Lent, and what it means to their lives.

Under the care and love of their leader, Cate Johnson, every week they share their work with other members of the church at the end of the service. We always look forward to hearing their stories!

They also have a very active social diary-sometimes visiting families in villages around Bucharest, sometimes a pizza party, sometimes catching a film in one of the malls.

Iulia's Art Exhibition

In mid March one of our most active young church members held her own art exhibition in Bucharest. Members of the church had been given an exclusive preview, as Iulia's paintings (some of them anyway) had been on display earlier this year during our services.

The exghibition was a huge success and many members of the church attended and supported our talented young star! Well done Iulia!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Learning new songs

At present (March 2007) we are lucky to have as a visitor to our church David (Ned) Kelly. Ned comes from a church in Northern Ireland. He has wonderful musical talents and is helping us to extend our range of songs of praise that we use in church. As you can see from the photographs, our response has been positive and enthusiastic. What we lack in musical talent, we compensate for with volume!