Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spring comes to Bucharest

In the last days of February there has been a sudden and dramatic improvement in the weather in Bucharest. Only last weekend it was essential to switch on the heating in church the evening before our Sunday service. This weekend the daffodils are threatening to start to bloom, children are playing in the parks, and generally life seems wonderful!

It may not last, and maybe we will have more snow before winter leaves us, but for now everyone is enjoying the chance to leave heavy coats hats and gloves at home, even if it is only for a few days! Thank God for the mysteries of our climate.
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Our church-as we see it and as others see it................

Very close to the Church of the Resurrection there is a wall that has become the place of expression for a very gifted group of street artists. They regularly get together and use their talents to portray various aspects of life, some relating directly to Bucharest and Romania, whilst others have a much broader perspective.

Some time ago, a wonderful portrayal of our church appeared on the wall, and for some reason it has never been painted over. Here you can see a photograph of the west end of the church alongside the artists impression. Below that, a broader vista of the wall.
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Helping to make our Britannia Ball a success

Many people worked tirelessly to make our first Britannia Ball a success. Some worked behind the scenes leading up to the great event while others worked hard during the evening as well. One of our church members, Ella, who is a professional singer, gave her services free and provided two much appreciated cabaret spots during the evening. We also had three very beautiful and hard working young hostesses who helped to make sure that we were all very comfortably looked after.

One is Ella's daughter, can you guess which one?

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Lent 2

On the second Sunday of Lent our Chaplain led worship in Sofia, Bulgaria. In his absence, we received a visit from a former Chaplain, Revd Steve Hughes, who presided at the Eucharist. It was a lovely morning, with sunshine streaming through the windows of the church and helping us to forget, at least for an hour, that outside the temperature was below zero and there was snow on the ground!

We were honoured to have as visitors two representatives of the Church Missionary Society Ireland, Robbie Symes and James Price. It was particularly appropriate that they came on this Sunday because we receive from them an annual grant that helps us to cover the cost of ensuring the presence of the Church of the Resurrection in Bulgaria.
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Our Inaugural Britannia Ball

On Friday 15th February we held our inaugural Britannia Ball at the Hotel Intercontinental in Bucharest. It was a wonderful evening, attended by over 140 people and enjoyed by everyone who was there. We ate well and danced enthusiastically and at the same time raised much needed funds to ensure the continuing presence of the Church of the Resurrection in Romania and Bulgaria.
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Our Sunday School

Our Sunday School is going from strength to strength with the enthusiastic support of different members of the church congregation who help each week to prepare and lead their activities. Curently they are working their way through the season of Lent. At the end of each service they share their stories and their designs with all of the congregation-sometimes it can be the most interesting part of the service!
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