Monday, April 14, 2008

The monastry at Ciolanu

On Saturday we toured the surrounding countryside, and marvelled at its beauty as well as its contrasts. Some 30km from Buzau we stumbled upon a beautiful monastry at Ciolanu. Run by, literally, working monks (including a dairy herd!) the monastry exuded peace, tranquility, and God's presence.

Of course, there was not just one church, we found at least two, and there were also beautiful living houses for the monks, and the large grounds were immaculately cared for.

We also discovered a living relic, a larger than life monk who gladly allowed us to take his photograph on condition that we sent him a copy by mail. Marvelling at the computer literacy of a man of his vintage, Ella asked for his address and was given the full postal address of the monastry! It was great to learn than in Ciolanu at least normal mail still rules ok!

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