Monday, June 8, 2009


Last week we were in Italy for meetings, very close to Venice, and on Saturday afternoon, before returning to Macedonia we made time to visit the beautiful city.

Venice was as good, even better, than any preconceptions I had in my mind. It was unbelievable to park our car then walk across a bridge into a totally different world; no cars, no roads, no traffic noise, and everywhere canals. Some small, some large, and boats parked at every door.

St Mark's Basilica was as good as all the tourist guide books predicted, and the gondoliers as stylish as they needed to be to maintain their reputations! Oh yes, and the prices in St Mark's Square are as ridiculous as ever!

However, nothing can reduce the wonder of Venice, it is as wonderful as it is unique; another incredible example of God's handiwork.
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James Ramsay said...

Dear John - this is James Ramsay, lovely to see your Venice pics - hope you are VERY well. We are, though rather missing Eastern Europe. Sophie our older daughter has just finished A levels and is going interrailing round Europe with a friend, Fiona - they'd love to visit Macedonia, do you know of any cheap hostels etc.? I'm so glad to see that Church things continue blessedly around you in Skopje and Sofia.

As ever - James -

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