Sunday, May 31, 2009

Service of Blessing for Logan Dimitri

On 31 May, Pentecost Sunday, as part of our Sunday worship we included a service of blessing for Logan Dimitri, son of one of our regular congregants, Scott Heaslet and his wife Daniela. Scott's parents had travelled from Texas for the baptism of their first grandson last week in Ochrid, as well as the Anglican service of blessing.

The blessing coincided with the visit of our Priest in Charge, Fr Robin Fox, from Belgrade. Father Robin presided and preached at the service.

The service was another challenge of concentration and perseverence as our Roman Catholic hosts had a major service of confirmation in the main church immediately beside the side chapel where we worship. However, we survived, and by the end of the service we numbered 16-including of course the newest member of our church family, baby Logan Dimitri!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you all so very much for extending a very warm welcome to us,while we worshiped with you on Pentecost Sunday. Our hearts were filled with joy ,as we watched our grandson, Logan Dimitri Heaslet, receive the Blessing Ceremony from Father Robin Fox. It was a beautiful service !
In advance, we appreciate your guidance and support,as our grandson learns to follow in the footsteps of OUR LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.
With warmest regards,
Bob & Judy Heaslet
Ft. Worth, Texas

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