Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday dawned bright and beautiful in Bucharest and even by the beginning of the service we had run out of orders of service for Easter Day! The church was totally full and we counted 99 people in church at one point in the service, from our memories a record, at least in recent memory, for a major church festival.

It was a beautiful service, and included the usual surprises that are part and parcel of our witness in Bucharest. We received as a gift a beautifully painted image of Christ on the cross from one of our long standing church members. We will display it with pride in church.

At the end of the service most people stayed for coffee and cakes, and a little bit like the loaves and the fishes, what we had available proved to be sufficient even for the bumper congregation!

Happy Easter from Bucharest-Hristos a inviat!

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