Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And now the blog goes to America

These last weeks have seen the blog travelling far and wide! Latest stop was America (although my dearly beloved Church of the Resurrectiuon was never out of my mind for more than one second!). As a typical Brit my preconceptions of America were , without exception, misconceptions!

In reality, our cousins across the water have created a wonderful homeland. The blog was based close to Washington and quickly realised that this is an area where the Anglican Communion is more than alive-in fact it is flourishing!

A highlight from the visit was to see Washington Cathedral (actually it closely reminicent of Durham Cathefral!). The first two photographs show the cathedral, whilst the third, in total contrast, shows a typical parish church, this one is even an Anglican Church, that you can find, as in Romania, on almost every street corner.

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