Monday, June 23, 2008

Queen's Birthday Party in Bucharest

On June 18th the Official Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was celebrated in Bucharest. One of the guests of honour was Bishop David Hope, who was from 1967-68 Chaplain of the Church of the Resurrection in Bucharest, and then later Archbishop of York. Now enjoying a very active retirement, Bishop Hope is now one of the Assistant Bishops in the Diocese in Europe and in this way maintains his links with and interest in the life of our church in Romania.

For three days we were honoured to have Bishop David with us in Bucharest and in this time he increased our understanding of what life was really like in Bucharest some 40 years ago.

On the Tuesday evening members of the church council were invited to share a barbecue with Bishop David in the delightful gardens of Dieter Stanzeleit and then on Wednesday the QBP was held in the wonderful location of the Museum of Contemporary Art that is located within the Palace of Parliament.

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