Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On Sunday 22nd July we hoped to welcome the world famous Tiffin Boys Choir from England to support us in a sung eucharist. Unfortunately, it was not to be.......... Because of the heavy rains in England, the flights to Bucharest from London were severely disrupted, and at 1000 on Sunday morning we had to start our service with neither choir nor organist!

The service was led by the Reader, who proved that although he is a reasonably proficient reader, his singing skills leave much to be desired! However, by 2pm part of the group reached Bucharest via Frankfurt and at 4pm they performed an impromptu concert in church before a small but very appreciative audience. Before they left they learned a Romanian version of "If you're happy and you know it......" which they intend to sing during their tour of Romanian cities over the coming week.

Yet another confirmation about the best laid plans of mice and men................... Thank you God, for proving once again never to take anything for granted!

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