Monday, April 9, 2007

Church of the Resurrection-a truly international fellowship!

Our Anglican church is located in Bucharest, but within our congregation there is a multitude of nationalities and Christian denominations represesented. This is the first of a series of introductions to members of our church from around the world.

Arnold (Noldy) and Lavie Lengkey are long standing members of our church. Noldy is studying for a doctorate at the Agricultural University in Bucharest and Lavie is here with him and attending the German school in Bucharest. They enrich our worship every Sunday, with Lavie an enthusiastic member of our Sunday School. On Easter Sunday they easily won the prize for the "most smartly dressed couple attending church" as these photographs confirm.

Noldy's wife has stayed in Indonesia with Lavie's sister, and they are waiting eagerly for Nlody's studies to finish in the autumn of 2008! From Bucharest we send Christian greetings to them in Indonesia!

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